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Our favorite part of what we do is celebrating time saved and

productivity gained with our customers.

Courtney Balderas

Owner, Chief Operator

Hiram Skaggs

Chief Growth & Innovation Officer

Michelle Terpstra

Chief Reveue Officer

Our team members know exactly where they are, what they have on their plate, and what they need to meet their goals. Additionally, we now know everyone's capacity and can re-assign engagements in real time. This has completely transformed the way we run our engagements.

They were able to build out the workflow in and it checks every single box we were looking for! This was definitely worth the investment, and I would highly recommend Jon and Cristy to any of our colleagues.


Derek Schriver

Founding Partner | Schriver Carmona CPAs

Having someone with the knowledge of the automations and limitations of Monday also be able to understand our processes to build out a customized system was absolutely invaluable! We were tracking our weekly projects on a spreadsheet and this will save us several hours a week in planning and reporting.


Mike P

Senior Tax Partner | Schriver Carmona CPAs

Originally, I was skeptical about hiring a firm to setup our Monday dashboards. We had tried the software and could have figured out how to use it. However, Jon & Cristy’s expertise saved us months of trial and error and got us up and running immediately.

They listened to our needs and designed dashboards that work seamlessly with our process. I could not be happier with their services and would definitely consider using them again.


Jackie Ramirez

Tax Supervisor | Schriver Carmona CPAs

We worked with Jon on implementation of into our event support processes. The timing worked well to move to this system as our new support team could learn how to use it well for our needs. Jon was very patient with our questions and in building boards and custom automations that had some intricacies and were potentially complicated.

He made sure to educate us in a way that would allow us to develop the workspace further on our own down the road. He kept the project moving within the agreed-upon timeframe and was very responsive. We highly recommend Jon to anyone needing a new way to manage projects!


Beth Beutler

On Purpose Adventures

There was limited visibility into the key metrics leadership needed in order to track progress, set goals and achieve those goals. With dozens of sources, it was a laborious task for our team to track what we needed to track. I was seeking a operations team to help us streamline tracking and create a leadership board system within


Michelle Terpstra

Chief Revenue Officer | 7 Figure MSP

We needed to optimize our topographic survey tracking board for both office and field work.

The Optimization Specialists took time to listen and evaluate the problem and then come back with a solution that helps us track and manage our schedules.

The Optimization Specialists have worked with Epic Engineers to streamline our processes. This has made us more efficient and effective.


Troy Molaug

President, CEO | Epic Engineers

The Optimization Specialists help business owners organize their business so they can scale by implementing systems and integrations so everything runs smoothly from end to end



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The Optimization Specialists help business owners organize their business so they can scale by implementing systems and integrations so everything runs smothly from end to end

© 2024 The Optimization Specialists All rights reserved.